Best photo booth in town

In a fast paced world our aim is simplest, exceed our customers photographic needs instantly!


At SnapLounge we snap, arrange and print your pictures straight away. No matter the location our portable backdrops and photo booth set allows clients to feel like they are in a real life studio but without the added costs.


We are filled with pride when our clients invite us to capture their special moments again and again.



We intend to make your special day as smooth sailing as possible. At SnapLounge we set the scene with professional lighting, studio style backdrops and top of the range equipment so you and your guests can feel completely submerged in your photo booth experience.


As standard our clients can also expect to receive two fully trained members of staff ready to shoot, guide and print their special moments into reality.


From beginning to end we help you to stay in control and focussed so no matter how hectic your big day may become your pictures will tell a different story.

High quality photos



Call: 07721803527



217 Baker Street

Enfield, London, EN1 3LA

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